A retirement plan isn’t complete without a systematic approach to address asset protection and risk management.  The fact is, retirement brings a whole new set of risks and challenges with it that you’ve never had to deal with before.  Here are the most pressing issues that must be considered in your planning process:

  • Sequence of returns
  • Investment performance
  • Healthcare costs
  • Inflation
  • Tax reform
  • Long Term Care
  • Income replacement at the loss of a first spouse (dying too soon)
  • Longevity (living too long)

Each of these risks pose a significant potential threat to the success of your plan, but it’s different for everyone.  This is why we concentrate so much attention on this stage of the planning process.

Once the foundation of your plan is secured, we’ll take you through a comprehensive risk assessment process.  This “stress test” is designed to help you explore the impact of each of these unique issues, so we can uncover your personal plan’s biggest vulnerabilities.

After we uncover the specific risks that impact you the most, we’ll work with you to build a personalized risk management strategy to help protect you, your family, and your hard earned wealth.

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